world’s first licensed crypto casino with a blockchain-based honesty contro

Fair play on blockchain

Quick deposits in BTC and ETH

Transparent stats in a smart contract

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Regular online casino

Your bets are saved on a casino’s server

All your data is collected and stored on a casino’s server

You can’t be sure that games are fair as the algorithms are recorded and stored only on the side of a casino

To receive your win you have to go through a lengthy procedure of identification

Casinos balance are not public and it is impossible to verify their solvency.

FairPlay casino on blockchain

Your bets are recorded in the blockchain

Your data is forever saved as an encrypted code

You can check games’ wins and losses in the blockchain

You can withdraw your winnings to a crypto wallet with no additional fees or additional verification

The casino’s balance is published in the smart contract

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Fair's fair: win what is yours

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How to make a deposit on FairPlay

Open your balance in the top right corner

Choose the currency of your deposits - BTC, ETH

Copy the address displayed and make sure to transfer funds to this address from your crypto wallet

Use any convenient tool to transfer crypto from your wallet to the casino’s wallet.

No deposit limits

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quick deposits in ETH and BTC

transparent stats in a smart contract

up to 1 ETH for a deposit

honesty control based on blockchain

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